iXDA SF | Event planning & Youtube initiative lead

Worked with co-leads to develop a video strategy, including a refresh of our iXDA SF YouTube channel.
Worked with iXDA SF chapter leads and Fitbit to live stream local Redux '19 event in April 2019 in the Fitbit office. Worked with leads and team to upload the playlist on YouTube.
We promoted and launched the channel by streaming the sold out event, moderating and fielding questions from the stream. We live-streamed it with over 600 views to date.
As for the channel itself, we saw a big increase in the number of subscribers, growing from less than 40 to 192 within just 3 months.


AirHelp | UX Design project

Completed a project creating a POC signature proposal that keeps the used in the app by removing the need to use email to complete a task, minimizing cognitive load and reducing overall time to completion from ~11 to ~5 minutes.


Peerlibrary | UX and outreach

Completed user interviews and testing. Created a user flow and presented potential barriers to adoption. Informed creation of a written user guide. Managed outreach. Helped with grant applications.
Obtained a letter of support from Internet Archive.


Space Unicorn| Game development

I love video games and spend a lot of time at my PC, so I decided to develop my own game with Game Maker: Studio using a tutorial and the help of a good friend who is a great illustrator.