Nice to meet you.

I'm a Product & UX Research leader with experience ranging from working with founding teams in early stage startups to researching mobile app best practices as a contractor for Google. Most recently, I built a UX Research team and led Product at ZapLabs, an R&D department of a real estate giant called Realogy.

I’m passionate about building insight-driven products with people who trust and support each other, embrace ambiguity and value continuous improvement.

Leading teams and supporting them in making evidence-based decisions to deliver excellent experiences for users while driving value to business keeps me going. It’s my strong belief that teams that share a common purpose, research together, and collaborate cross-functionally throughout product development build the best products and most satisfying careers.

As a big fitness and nutrition enthusiast (was a certified personal trainer for a little while), I try to balance my love of food (cooking, baking, and eating) with exercise (weekly Krav Maga and daily yoga, with an occasional run or hike). When there’s more free time, I love going on road trips, exploring local eateries and breweries.

At home, I spend a lot of time playing video games on my PC and learning new skills (nowadays very into Japanese). A few years ago I even made a video game.

You can contact me at: klara.pelcl[at]gmail.com.

Be happy, but never satisfied.
— Bruce Lee